Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula in Pellets

Hoof Growth Formula Pellets bulk pack are supplied in a 4kg pouch available online. Includes shipping to any Australian address.
$82.50  Inc GST

A regular maintenance dose is 1 scoop (50g) per day (ie 80 days supply in one pouch). However, every horse is different so the dosage can be varied depending on type and confirmation of your horse.

If you are starting with badly damaged or weak hoof walls, you may wish to increase the dosage until a visible growth line becomes apparent below the coronet band.

The formula contains all the necessary active constituents to promote strong, healthy hoof growth. The active ingredients are present in a lucerne base. This is easy to feed and palatable to most horses. This product is manufactured in Australia and is NOT gamma irradiated.

Because the hoof,  the skin and the hair of the equine are all part of the one organ – the dermis – a possible side effect is that your horse’s coat may improve as well.

Active Constituents (50g contains)
Ascorbic Acid 1300 mg
Methionine 6200 mg
Sulphur 100 mg
Biotin 20 mg
Zinc 550 mg
Copper 125 mg
Choline 300 mg
Iodine 1.4 mg